Concert of Maxim Fedotov and Galina Petrova at the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire

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The performance of the violinist Maxim Fedotov and the pianist Galina Petrova became one of the first in the Philharmony season. Fedotov and Petrova are considered now to be one of the most popular Moscow duet. The program itself, that included music by Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky did not promise anything new.But the musicians demonstrated how the played to death music might stimulate the performer to find new interpretation and to seek for the composer's texture. And here the author's trait, minute detail, even the name of the piece, is very important for M-tro Fedotov.

Nuance making was very important in the Sonata No. 15 by Mozart. Fedotov, who is famous for sparkling virtuosity and wonderful sound, converted the violin texture into thin laces of semi-sighs and semi-smiles, whispering questions and answers.Fedotov and Petrova restored historic justice when announced that the Sonata No.7 by Beethoven was dedicated to the Russian Emperor Alexander I. And what is more important they offered a more rapid tempo than usually. Heavy and obscure - when performed by other violinists- the composition was converted into a "clot" of impetuous youth energy. That is the reason why this Sonata stands near by the "Eroica" Symphony.

A much more metamorphosis happened to the five pieces by Tchaikovsky. The three of them have acquired the lost names, in the programmes they were stated under the title "Reminiscence of the Darling Place". Not to break the unity of the pieces the musicians asked the audience not to interrupt the cycle with the applouses (though the public could not suppress emotions). Separate "pages" - "Meditation", "Scherzo", "Melody" and formally not-linked with them, but in inward close "Serenade Melancholique" and "Valse-Scherzo" - have acquired some additional meaning. Miniatures have extended, grown.

One more surprise awaited in the end of the concert. Fedotov was presented with a violin, when still staying on the stage. The violinist brilliantly performed virtuoso encores (Kresiler and Verdi) on the 'tyro". The instrument sounded magnificently and claimed the mastership of the old foreign violin maker. Who was this mysterious admirer, who presented such splendid gift, remained unknown both for the audience and the violinist...

Anna Romanova
“Nezavisimaya Gazeta” 5.10.1999

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