The opening of the winter cycle of chamber music evenings t with Maxim Fedotov and Galina Petrova in Trier

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Maxim Fedotov (violin) and Galina Petrova (piano) performed music by Schubert, Prokofiev and Beethoven. Maxim Fedotov , "Russian Paganini", did not aim at self-expression. It was a competition of violin and piano. The both instruments performed such Schubert (Sonata in A-dur, Op. 162), for whom virtuoso performance is much more important than any song. In "Presto" of the second movement the violinist demonstrated strict sounding, and in the final movement rolling piano chords came into collision with the piercing intonations so typical for strings. One might observe how Fedotov conveys the music to the public not only with the help of his instrument but with physical efforts. It was shown in the Performance of Sonata No.l in f-moll , Op.80, by Sergey Prokofiev, where the sound images of the sharp Allegro created by the violin acquire brighter colors. Here the sovereign role of the partner was also captivating. Fedotov performed penetrating passages in Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata as it is required by the first movement of this composition with its dramatic expression. The variation part of the Sonata became the climax of the duel between the duet members, the pianist was impressing with technical perfection. In the quick march of the Third Movement the violinist - magician performs his devilish dance. Bravo, bravo to the brilliant performance of the musicians!

Mikhail Vershnev

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