Maxim Fedotov was awarded, a violin at the concert

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The Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire was full on Sunday evening. The foyer was crowded with the Muscovites , who prefer classic music to popular TV-hits. They were looking with interest at the photo-exhibition "The Great Musicians of Russia" by artist Natalia Loginova. The meeting with one of the exhibition heroes - violinist Maxim Fedotov, was awaiting for them.

As a hundred years ago, the classic music was performed at the best stage of Russia. Maxim Fedotov and his wife, pianist Galina Petrova have chosen Sonata No. 15 by Wolfgang Mozart, Sonata No.7 by Ludwig van Beethoven and six violin pieces by Peter Tchaikovsky. The concert opened with the music by Vienna classics, not frequently performed for the last years.

Maxim Fedotov is the successor of the best traditions of the Russian performing school. That is why the miniatures by Tchaikovsky became the climax of the evening. Fedotov has proved once again that he possesses the subtle feeling for architectonics and phrases in the Tchaikovsky's music, demonstrated expressive intonation and wonderful technique.

Galina Petrova's mastership is the component part of the duet. She performs the part of the second soloist in the duet.

The final part of the concert was unexpected not only for the audience, but for the musicians too. An old violin became a surprising gift presented by one of the admirers of the Maestro. Fedotov was not taken aback and after a short tuning "examined" the present by playing an encore the wonderful transcriptions of the opera hit "The Heart of a Beauty" and the song "Evening Bell Toll". It is a queer fact that the grantor wanted to be left unknown. Fedotov does not know who presented him with this rare instrument.

“Segodnya” 6.10.1999

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