“Music and Time”, No.12, 2010

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Maxim Fedotov and Galina Petrovà with exceptional artistic courage dared to perform Mussorgsky’s music in Duo, and this performance fully justify their courage ... How much bravery, impulse in the sound of the both violin and piano.

... Fedotov and Petrov draw "Bald Mountain" so that no additional instruments are needed. Shades, nuances in music making are more than enough for a symphony orchestra.

...Performance of opera overture ("Dawn on the Moskva River") by the violinist and pianist – is a unique phenomenon.


«BACH Forever» was played with great success at Svetlanov Hall of the International House of Music last year. The concert was repeated to the delight of the audience at the Svetlanov Hall on October 19, this year, and the success overcame last year's.

... As in all his performances Maxim Fedotov and Galina Petrova were looking for something special in each composition and -they succeeded. For example, Maxim Fedotov performed Concerto in E-major by Bach, giving it a very striking impressive sounding.


As for Galina Petrova, her interpretation of Bach's famous Clavier Concerto in D-minor was also special, not similar to any other. Concerto was performed without a conductor - in accordance with the Baroque tradition, Petrova took over his function ... and it was to the merit of pianist! It was a perfect show of the beginning of the first movement to the orchestra and exceptionally accurate in the final.

... What a wonderful musical family of Fedotov - Petrova, they are flourishing today. Every their performance - is always an artistic discovery, an original interpretation of the famous and sometimes undeservedly forgotten music."

Yury Zarankin, “Music and Time”, No.12, 2010

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