Jury Gavel, "Mirror of the Week» ¹ 47, 7. 12.2001 (Ukraine)

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«Synthesis of Inspiration and Mastery»
Concert in the Lysenko Column Hall, Kiev.

"It was the immediacy of spontaneous music-making, the sincerity of feeling, a sense of festive and wonder. It was instrumental theater, possible only when there is absolute Master’s freedom, complete transparency of Musician’s playing.

... Maxim Fedotov –is an excellent violinist. So ironic, wise, sometimes Mephistophelean sarcastic, or Faust – like restless, playing everything from memory, all equally freely, with care and taste, enjoying and making public to enjoy ...The great part of the success of the performance was made by Galina Petrova” ».

Jury Gavel, "Mirror of the Week» ¹ 47, 7. 12.2001 (Ukraine)

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