Catherine Valemirskaya, Yard work, № 12 (232), March 31, 2011

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On stage, Maxim Fedotov

Speech by People's Artist of Russia Maxim Fedotov at the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic - always an event. Artist Maxim Fedotov has a powerful energy and unique style, which is manifested not only in the manner of performing, but in every last detail of his appearance.

March 12 at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra musicians presented a program in which voiced "Seasons" by Vivaldi and Rossini's overture to the opera, and Verdi. This evening the maestro appeared before the public in two ways - as a violinist and a conductor, giving the concert a special color and intrigue. The idea of ​​playing and conducting himself in a concert musician treated with caution. But life dictates its own terms: the last time at the request of the organizers of the concert, he often plays two roles in the most prestigious concert halls. The public thinks otherwise: the emergence of the violin maestro Fedotov in his hands on his own symphony concert is just an explosion of emotions. Artist greeted with enthusiastic applause. Such an interest in his speech called for the fact that many listeners remember the first professional musician steps taken exactly at this stage. Maxim Fedotov was born to a prominent conductor, People's Artist of Russia Viktor A. Fedotov ...

Maxim Fedotov characterized by bold, sometimes audacious, and at the same time, not beyond the scope permitted by the canons of interpretation of the famous musical works. Bright and powerful interpretation of temper appear in a solo game, and in conducting. The cycle of "Seasons" the maestro performs, accompanied by a full string orchestra composition, in contrast to the traditional interpretation of the familiar. Because of this, the sound gets new colors, adding to the elements of a summer thunderstorm or winter storm, imprinted in the immortal works of Antonio Vivaldi. For the first time the musician decided on an experiment, performing with his orchestra in the Svetlanov Hall of the Moscow International House of Music (over 5 years, Maxim Fedotov led the Moscow Symphony Orchestra "Russian Philharmonic"). This hall was built by the standards of high tech, there is not such speakers as in the Great Hall of the Philharmonic. But the experiment failed, and since then he has always delivers "Four Seasons" in that version. The secret to the success of the conductor and its interaction with the orchestra and the audience lies in his personality and charisma. A striking confirmation of this became an enthusiastic standing ovation for an encore and performed Verdi's Overture to the opera "The Force of Destiny", crowned worthy of this magnificent concert.

Catherine Valemirskaya, Yard work, № 12 (232), March 31, 2011

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