Performance with the Weimar State Capella at the German National Theater

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Vigor performance was backed up by the Russian violinist Maxim Fedotov, who introduced some new touch into it. He showed brilliant virtuosity, impeccable violin technique and musicality. His interpretation of the Second Violin Concerto in g-moll by S.Prokofiev demonstrated these qualities in full. It was executed in full harmony with the orchestra, sounded like a firework of sparkling humor, grace, inner soul, irony and, mainly sensual perception that might be conveyed by a violin only, and got a hearty welcome of the audience. Fedotov, as if painted with clear strokes, embodied the image of a witty medium placed between the classics and modern in a clear and sharp form, where nobody can replace him.

"TLZ" Weimar 9.10.1993

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